* Istanbul Mehmet * Original Handmade Cast Bronze Cymbals from Turkey

Discount Sale of Istanbul Mehmet Handmade, Hand- hammered, Cast Bronze Cymbals for drum set/ percussion:Crash, Ride, Hi Hats, Effects in jazz, rock, metal, world music. Traditional, Sultan, Onurhan, Emirhan, Radiant, Murathan, Origin, Legend, Nostalgia, MC Jazz
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Turkey is the birth place of modern cymbals. This is where the ancestors of the  -(dj)ians learned and practiced their craft, before they moved to the US, and eventually became the mass-and machine producing "Mac-(dj)ians" of today.
The two founders of the original Istanbul factory stayed and continued the tradition.
While jazz players in the US have always appreciated these fine instruments, drummers in rock, funk, fusion and other genres have only more recently begun to catch on.

                           My name is Michael, and I am an  Authorized Dealer* for Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals in the US.  While there must be at least a dozen manufacturers of Turkish Cymbals by now, only Mehmet Tamdeger has been at it for sixty  some years.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       I sell only Istanbul Mehmet cymbals here.                                   
 I have been playing them myself for many years, and believe they represent the very best quality and value in Handmade Turkish Cymbals on the US market - especially for the price at which I can bring them to You.

You Can Order  Any Model in the Catalog from Me !
All at very reasonable prices (Free Shipping to lower 48!)

                 Additionally you can find some items at special discounts, or occasionally                        some choice pre-owned pieces on the Sales page

                  then and now...

* You can find me listed on the official IM website in US Dealers/ CA

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